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Web-Based Tools — LSI Room Booking Tool

LSI room booking tool The Life Sciences Institute opened it's doors in September 2004. I was contracted to build the intitute's web site and the first priority was to build a tool to allow all members to book rooms via the web site. I used PHP and MySQL for the middleware and database. LSI members have told me that my room-booking tool to be the easiest method of booking rooms available on campus.

The image to the right shows the bookings for a particular room on a given day. One may search for an available room with various criteria such as day of the week, hours of the day, capacity, etc. Bookings can be made to repeat every month, week, day or by specified days of the week. This is especially useful when booking rooms for courses that span a semester and occur the same days every week.

The image below shows the details of an existing booking. This information is accessible by clicking on any one of the coloured boxes in the calendar.

Access to this tool is restricted to members of the LSI.