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LSC Safety OrientationWith changes to compliance requirements for Workers Compensation the LSC needed a way to educate, assess and track the compliance of all of its faculty, staff and students to its Safety Orientation. I worked with the LSC's Safety Officer, Pierre Tanguay, to build a tool that would help them do this efficiently.

All staff are given a log-in account that specifies whether or not they are laboratory or administrative personnel. When they log-in to do the orienation, they are shown pages specific to their work environment.

The orientation is comprised of 12 topics. Each topic has a concise informational component that is followed by a series of multiple choice questions. The questions for each topic must be answered correctly in order to proceed to the next topic.

One may save and quit at any point in the orientation to return at a later time and pick up where they left off.

The image to the right shows an abridged version of Step 2 of the Safety Orientation.

There are also tools to allow the Safety Officer to track the progress of LSC members through the Safety Orientation and to maintain a historical record of when the Orientation was completed.