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Web-Based Tools — UBC Ecology Courses (Bi230 & Bi306)

These courses have been offered at UBC for many years but prior to 2009 lab sections were not available because of the logistical problem of collecting all the data acquired by students in the field on various lab days and then redistrubuting the data among all students in all sections to retrieve enough data to make the results meaninful.

Since 2009 I have been working with Dr. Wayne Goodey to create data upload forms that are designed to match the data collection forms students take into the field. Data must be uploaded by a deadline set by UBC faculty. After the upload deadline passes all data is automatically available for download by all students.

Faculty and TAs have access to an administrative back end that allows them to monitor data as it is being upload over the course of the week and see which group uploaded which data.

Below are data upload forms for 3 of the labs that are run: