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Sea Around Us Project Brochure

UBC Fisheries Centre Brochure

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Print Design and Production

The Sea Around Us project is one of the major projects of the UBC Fisheries Centre. This brochure and ad was prepared for distribution at the World Fisheries Congress that took place in Vancouver, B.C. in the spring of 2004. The purpose of the brochure and ad was to tell fisheries experts from around the world about a suite of fisheries assessment products recently available on the Sea Around Us project web site.

The image to the right is the cover of a 4"x9" 3-panel brochure with a pocket in the back panel. The pocket is designed to carry information on specific projects while the brochure contains more general information on the Sea Around Us project.

The photos at the top from left to right are by Dr. Reg Watson, Dr. Tom Carefoot and myself.

See the whole brochure in a Flash interactive version.