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CD-ROM — Invertebrate Zoology Multimedia Lab Assistant

I developed the Invertebrate Zoology Multimedia Lab Assistant with Dr. Tom Carefoot, a marine biologist at the University of British Columbia. I started this project while completing my B. Sc. in marine biology and finished it as an employee of the university with funding from several grants. For many years his 3-CD set is distributed by Tangent Scientific to schools throughout North America.

After Dr. Carefoot retired from UBC he decided to make this material on the internet. If you are interested in Marine Invertebrate Ecology, please visit his web site www.asnailsodyssey.com

This is a screen shot of an interactive experiment that allows students to test several hypotheses that seek to determine what causes the stinging cells in Cnidarians (i.e. jelly fish and sea anemones) to sting.

A typical example of one of the hundreds of vivid photographs contained on the CD. Most of the photography is by Dr. Tom Carefoot. This one of the box crab was photographed by me in Barkley Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island, the location of the Bamfield Marine Station. The CD-ROM also contains video collected from various sources, some of which we also shot at the Bamfield Marine Station.