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Mousetrap Multimedia is Cindy Young.

I have professional training in photography but before I really got a career going in that area I fell into production of print media. In 1987 I started working with a multi-image/video production company that was taking its first steps into the fascinating world of computer graphics. I was hooked immediately and still am.

In 1992 I left the media production company I had started with two partners to pursue another dream and I returned to the life of a student. It was then that I started Mousetrap Multimedia, as a way to generate some income while at school. In 1997 I completed my B. Sc. in Marine Biology. While working on my degree I also started teaching Photoshop, Flash, Director and Dreamweaver to students in the Photo-Imaging and Publishing Programs at Langara College. I continued teaching at Lanagara until 2005 when family commitments became a priority. My studies at UBC provided opportunites to work on a number of very interesting multimedia and web-based projects for the Department of Zoology, Department of Botany, The Fisheries Centre, the Life Sciences Institue and Life Sciences Centre. I consider myself truly fortunate to have the opportunity to combine my passion for the Life Sciences with my passion for interactive media technologies.

With the advancements in web technologies we have seen over the past decade my focus has shifted to developing web-based tools. I continue to do this for departments at UBC and also for various businesses and charities.

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